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Best selling Fairy Lights decorations to inspire your creativity this Christmas

Posted by Leon Lim on

Fairy lights was coined by lighting companies for its colourful and flickering effect. It is a safer alternative compare to the original candle lights. Next time when you find a fairy light on a Christmas tree, stare at the at the lights for a while and ask yourself if they really look like a fairy.

Why fairy lights is also known as festival lights?

Fairy lights consist of multiple small bulbs with their wiring string together handing from a high point looking like a vine in the day. When switched on in the night, it gives an enchanting blinking effect which can be mesmerising to onlookers. This creates a cosy warm atmosphere and these condition gave people the perfect excuse to be use in festival for celebration.

Horizon lights, your choice of lighting supplier for lantern festival and deepavali

Reputed as a pioneer in the lighting industry, Horizon lights pride itself as the largest online seller for LED lights. You can find our products in shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants. You can find a large range of lighting on sale in our online catalogue. Horizon Lights is your preferred seller for festival fairy lights.

Top 10 Fairy lights to Merry christmas with Santa

10. Santa Claus Village party with string LED fairy lights (26002)

Santa Claus Village Celebration LED String Fairy Lights

How can you start a party without Santa? This is a string LED fairy lights suitable for any setting. Did I forget too mention that this is a low cost solution for quick and simple deployment. You can even bag this string lights with you to a party to help your friends with decoration.

Product benefits

  • Simple to maintain
  • Budget choice
  • Easy to setup

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09. Rainbow Snowflake with string LED fairy lights (SKU 26007)

Christmas Snowflake with String LED Fairy Lights

Foreigners will never understand why locals are so fascinated with snow, especially when Singapore is a hot and sunny island. Looking at this rainbow snowflake lighting alone would just cooled us instantly. This is another string LED fairy lights. I guarantee that some of your guest would even imagine this as a star because they have never seen a snowflake. 

Product benefits

  • All season decorative lights
  • Colourful effect
  • Simple maintainence

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08. Decorated Christmas Tree LED ceiling lights (SKU 41432)

Decorated Christmas tree LED ceiling lights

As a parent, decorating the house with a Christmas tree is not only time consuming but also dangerous. Your kid might run into the tree or pull down the decorations. For this very reason, we would have to agree that having a decorated Christmas tree ceiling lights would reduce the headache of every parents.

Product benefits

  • Make your kids happy
  • Christmas everyday
  • One time installation

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07. Crystal White Christmas LED tree table lamp (SKU 41762)

Crystal white Christmas LED Tree Table Lamp

Diamonds are woman's best friend so are flashy crystals. Your better half can stop killing their brain cells searching for perfect Christmas present. Our crystal white Christmas tree table lamp is the best Christmas gift for this season. No woman can resist the charm of this 'bling bling tree'.

Product benefits

  • Perfect Christmas gift
  • Glittering tree
  • Table top decoration

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06. Christmas Snow Globe string LED fairy lights (SKU 24012)

Christmas Snow Globe LED Strong Fairy Lights

Christmas snow globe is the classical decoration for your outdoor party. This captivating globe does not contain snow but it encase a beautiful snow scene giving your guests the ambience of a freezing but cosy winter. Christmas is never the same without your own snow globe.

Product benefits

  • Hanging Christmas globes
  • Comes in 3 variations
  • Suitable for indoor

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05. Christmas Ornaments Tree floor lamp

Christmas Ornaments Tree Floor Lamp

How can we ever forget that trees are the important element in reducing the global carbon emission. As more and more people decides to conserve the green. Less Christmas trees are sold every winter with more and more artificial Christmas tree flying from our shelf.

Product benefits

  • Eco friendly Christmas Tree
  • Simple and elegant
  • Does not require decoration

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04. 3D Christmas Decorations LED Pendant Light

3D Acrylic Christmas Decorations LED Pendant Light

Inspired by 3D innovations, we have decided to create our own 3D pendant lights. Its not the real Santa, its just our 3D Santa but 3D Santa too loves good children and definitely have your presents in his bag.

Product benefits

  • Brillant 3D effect
  • Bright and clean
  • Reusable for next Christmas

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03. Secret Santa’s Christmas Star LED fairy lights

Secret Santa’s Christmas Star Strong LED Fairy Lights

Secret Santa is always observing from a secret corner. Story says that he is also the keeper of the Christmas star. Horizon Lights had manage to secure Secret Santa’s Christmas star for you so that you could too wish upon a star to have your dream come true.

Product benefits

  • Colorful stars
  • Usable for any events
  • Usable for outdoor (IP44)

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02. Christmas Wonderland Neon LED lights

Christmas Wonderland Neon Lamp LED Lights for Indoor Christmas Party Decorations

Neon lights are always so fascinating and capturing. This set of Christmas wonderland LED lights is the alluring evidence to your eye. The is the best buy for business owners because the colour is rich and the variety is large without any repetitions.

Product benefits

  • Bright Neon
  • luminescent lights
  • Perfect window decoration

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01.  Christmas Reindeer LED fairy lights

Christmas Reindeer LED Fairy Lights For Christmas Party Decorations

Complete your Christmas decorations with Rudolph, the loyal reindeer who follow Santa Claus to delivery his present on every 25 of December. Simple yet elegant, for a modern home. To decorate the house with your family members is truly meaningful and heart warming for this festival.

Product benefits

  • Best selling Fairy Lights
  • Good lighting effect
  • Easy storage

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Conclusion on fairy lights for this Christmas

Christmas is special to everyone, we might not be able to get a big party but it is still about the quality of time spent. Most of us could not watch the Christmas lighting (Due to Covid), decorating your home might be a good way to celebrate with your family.  Horizon Lights wish every and each of our customers a Merry Christmas. 

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