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Horizon Lights

Everything you need to know about LED lighting for home decoration

Posted by Leon Lim on

LED lighting is an important fixture since most modern household considered lights as a part of home decoration. LED is the short form for light-emitting diode and they are used today mostly as a form of home lighting. Lighting as an aesthetic is decorated with various theme by interior designers to built an internal ambience for homes.

  1. Who is the inventor for LED?
  2. What is the advantage of using LED lighting?
  3. How color temperature (kelvin) affects our mood
  4. How do you define the role of lamps in home lighting?
  5. What are the names of different LED lighting found in a home?

Who is the inventor for LED?

Known as the father of LED, Nick Holonyak Jr found this invention in his research laboratory in 1962. As an engineer working in General Electric, he predicted that this invention will eventually replaced incandescent light bulb when technology improves the quality and efficiency. It is a total pity that he did not get a chance to see witness his prediction 40 years later. With reference from Mordor intelligence, you can see that LED had penetrated 61% of the lighting market.

Source: mordorintelligence

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What is the advantage of using LED lighting?

With the invention of LED lighting, incandescent lamps started to disappear from home, office and industry. In comparison, they are slightly more energy efficient with longer life span. This makes LED an excellent choice on a long run. Looking into the maintenance, LED does not require warm up and frequent switching on and off does not impact its life span. However, its important to note that the output of LED will gradually decrease over time. With chart below will give you a simple overall summary on LED.

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How color temperature (kelvin) affects our mood?

According to research, the temperature of lighting affects our mind subconsciously and we inherit this habit from our parents genetically. Have you ever asked yourself why you have to wake up for work in the day and return home when the sun set? According to Research Gate, lighting could affect our mood and trigger our emotions. You could refer to the picture below for more information.

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How do you define the role of lamps in home lighting?

Generally, home lighting are gaining importance in recent years due to interior designing concepts. The traditional role of lights since its discovery is nothing more than providing vision. With the advancement of technology, lights are now cheaper, brighter and lighter. This gives designers more room to provide additional elements of beauty and style into the construct.

In summary, lightings are divided into 3 main category; main lighting, role specific and ambience.

  • Main lighting is easily spotted in the middle of the room and generally the biggest. Equipped with the crucial rule of brightening up room. It tend to be unobstructed to provide utmost lighting to the surrounding.
  • Role specific lights on the other hand are supplementary. They tend to work with main lighting for example to shine the dark corners. They might be the lights on your desk that is switched on only when reading. It is the function that define them and you can choose not to use them,
  • Ambience lights is a new popular concept, because their role is not functional. Instead, as the name suggest, they smooth the ambience to create a relax atmosphere. Urban lifestyle is a quick pace and stressful environment. Therefore, crafting your house into a home becomes an important topic.

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What are the names of different LED lighting found in a home?

Unless you are in the lighting industry, its not surprising to know that most customers might not know the name of the light they want to purchase. The problem deepen when you are in a showroom scratching your head in front of the sale team tasking them to recommend you a new light for your home. Sit with us today to learn more about the names of different light and their function.

1. Chandelier, the glory of the house

Originated from Europe at a time before the discovery of light bulb. A large bright lamp will usually be hang in the middle of the building illuminating the surrounding. This lamp would have many branches prized with a large candle on tip. Glorious and huge appearance, this is light is known as the chandelier.

Conrad Centennial, Chrome Glass LED Chandelier Light Modern Living Room Bedroom
Conrad Centennial, Chrome Chandelier (SKU: 13185)

Being the biggest and brightest light in the house, this light is usually found in the a big room today (in most home) as a sign of status and exhibit for the owner. You might want to look into different variety of chandelier to understand about their design from our resources below.

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2. Pendant light, the lighting for any design

Among all the light in the house, pendant light uses a single light source suspending itself from the ceiling. Simple and yet reliable could be the reason explaining the high adoption rate. You can find this lighting in any part of the house, inside any room, accommodating almost any theme.

Muscat Grapes, Tiffany Pendant Light (SKU: 13149)
Muscat Grapes, Tiffany Pendant Light (SKU: 13149)

Perhaps another attractive feature about pendant light is the mode of display. Usually found in a set of three, they could be hanged in a file on a straight base or a cascading fashion down a round base. This simple feature is empowering to home owners, giving greater flexibility to customerise the display or to match them with another light.

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