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Top shop pendant to style up home sweet home

Posted by Leon Lim on

We tend to call our house a sweet home because its the refuge for our soul. The last piece of paradise in this world that is a genuine reflection of our true identity. The identity of the house have to be recongise by your senses to sync with your soul. This identity consist of visual, acoustic, scent to stimulate our inner conscience for our home to stay at cease.

Horizon lights sell a large array of home lightings. Aspiring to be a one stop online marketplace for lights, you could also at your own time read our blogs for inspirations.

How many types pendant lights are there?

Generally speaking, pendant lights are broken into six main categories. They are stereotype by their appearance or functionality. There could be more than what we are going to introduce as there are not strict protocols or governing body to control the creativity in this industry.

  • Lantern pendant - The shade of the overall pendant tend to encase the bulb within.
  • Linear pendant - This design tend to consider LED strip as the main component in the design to take advantage of its flexibility.
  • Modern pendant - Different from traditional pendant light that consist of one bulb. It recreate with a new form and different look.
  • Multi-light pendant - This is a debatable creation. Having both the properties of a chandelier and pendant.
  • Shade pendant - Is the classic form of pendant made to be simple.
  • Tube pendant - Pendant light infused with a minimalist construct. 

Top shopping list for LED pendant lighting by design

These are the latest trending lights selected by our customers, designers and resellers. With more than 3000 lights in our website, it took us a painful process to shortlist before the lights presenting. As much as we could, selections have to be versatile and processed according to aesthetic, forms and design 

We tried our best to avoid lights of similar design and include a variety of theme. As a token of appreciation, you could claim a free shopping voucher with us at towards the end of the article.

10. 3D Bayan tree pendant light (SKU 71042)

3D Bayan tree pendant light (SKU 71042)

Different from most pendant light, the design is refine and elegantly crafted with an image of a tree. The design of this lighting evolved around the image of a tree as a representative of mother nature. Made of solid wood, this LED lighting is a hand made and crafted individually from the artist.

Product benefits

  • Unique piece of art
  • Design that last
  • Back to nature theme

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9. Tube Hyperloop pendant light (SKU 42212)

Tube Hyperloop pendant light (SKU 42212)

Coined from popular scifi movies, the name of this tube pendant light is a reminder that technology advance to connect the world together. Compared to most pendant design in the industry, tube pendant is simple and yet elegant. Perhaps this is the reason why most customers tend to purchase 3-5 lights and fashion them in a single file.

Product benefits

  • More than one light clustering approach
  • Minimalism concept
  • Inexpensive but elegant

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8. Dualshock ceiling pendant lights (SKU 13024)

Dualshock ceiling pendant lights (SKU 13024)

Made for people who tend to decorate their home once in a while.  Depending on the theme and decoration, you could always transform this light into a ceiling or pendant. Modern concept tend to infused personality and a higher level of creativity for a new growing group of customers who love DIY customerisation. 

Product benefits

  • Ceiling and pendant hybrid
  • Scandinavian modern
  • Luxurious and crystal lighting

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7. Bali drum pendant light (SKU 32008)

Bali drum pendant light (SKU 32008)

According to interior designers, fabrics create a soft warmth look and feel for home ambience. This is the reason behind why resorts uses a lot of hemp for their fixture. To share the good news, this is our best selling drum pendant from Bali, the paradise on earth. If you are looking to increase the warmth vibe in your home. This is the right design.

Product benefits

  • Warmth modern theme
  • Cosy fabric shade
  • Bright and simple

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6. Venus tear glass pendant (SKU 12242)

 Venus tear glass pendant (SKU 12242)

The lamp shade is specially crafted in the shape of teardrop to express the emotion behind the glass. If story says its Venus the goddess who make this pendant. A blue teardrop in this case signified peace and compassion. This is exactly what you need to stop warring in the bedroom.

Product benefits

  • Modern Nordic approach
  • Good pricing for designer lights
  • Best design for bedside lamp

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5. Halo infinite, Crystal Pendant light (SKU 13111)

Halo infinite, Crystal Pendant light (SKU 13111)

Strongly recommended by Horizon lights as a top selection LED lighting that could fit into many interior design theme. It might seemed like an ordinary light until you discover the instruction manual, a closer look with explained how you could customerise your own placement to style up the modern decoration with creativity.

Product benefits

  • Good quality with price
  • Customisable appearance
  • Timeless master decoration

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4. Tigerwood rattan pendant (SKU 72017)

Tigerwood rattan pendant (SKU 72017)

Rattan is a very light and durable wood found in Asia, such condition makes it favorable for light shade. Designers would use rattan as a replacement for wood for natural interior design theme. The black and woody appearance resemble the marking of a tiger. This is a widely popular choice of light for many interior designers.

Product benefits

  • Light and simple
  • Light rustic theme
  • Simple maintenance

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3. Metaverse beacon pendant (SKU 12194)

Metaverse beacon pendant (SKU 12194)

Most pendant offed a plain shade as a cover for the bulb. The light is design with highly detailed engraving to create an additional emboss radiant effect. The mystical engraving looks like the glyph on the ancient wall mysterious and yet enchanting. Perhaps this is why we can't keep out eyes from this pendant light.

Product benefits

  • Ornamented surface
  • Easy mix and match
  • Suitable for many theme

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2. Urban farming pendant (SKU 41482)

Urban farming pendant (SKU 41482)

Due covid, work from home has become a new trend but staying in the concrete jungle create stress for many people. Urban farming then turn into a new hobby for many people and this gives designer the inspiration to bring urban farming closer to our home. Space constrain will never become an excuse.

Product benefits

  • Creative use of space
  • Non-traditional concept
  • Rustic and Asian theme

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1. Eclipse, Pendant Light (SKU 42232)

Eclipse, Pendant Light (SKU 42232)

Is it visible that the trend of pendant lights are creativity with a room for manipulations. This allows customers a room to have fun and tweak the design. Eclipse pendant consist of LED lighting and a black pocket. We could either have a full view of the moon or to slot it into the black pocket for a crescent eclipse.

Product benefits

  • Function and ambience
  • Unique design
  • No maintenance

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Pendant light is the top selling among indoor lights in Singapore, due to its design to accommodate a variety of interior design setting. If you like our article, please support  Horizon light Facebook page.

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