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Horizon Lights

Top trending LED lights for home decorations

Posted by Leon Lim on

Home decorations is a sophisticated topic requiring a lot of knowledge from the school of interior design. Just like chemistry, every ingredient have to be exact and calibrated towards the final blend. Today, we would like to share about how importance on the role of lights in home decorations and how LED lights played an important role.

Why LED as lights for home decorations?

LED lights is the essence of the house and this is supported by studies. According to Research gate, lights could have an influence on our mood. For example, brighter and stronger lights tend to suggest day time and our brain would associate it with work. While lower kelvin (K) lights, being yellowish in nature tend to relax our mood because it signify sunset and our brain knows that the day is coming to and end.

To find out more about lighting, you might want to refer to some of the articles below.

Horizon lights, Best lighting store in Paya Lebar, Bedok, Serangoon and maybe Novena

Horizon Light started as a small shop supply to lightings retail business all over Singapore. Our clients include lighting shop in Paya Lebar, Bedok, Serangoon and Novena. This short project continued for 10 years building our industrial insight and knowledge. Today, we are one of the leaders in the industry and definitively we would like to share our knowledge with the mass. In this article, we shared the best selling lights.

Top 10 Best selling light prediction according to Horizon Lights

These are the top selling lights according to our sales and marketing department and we would like to share this good news to inspire your home decoration senses. If you love these LED lights,  please contact us for a discussion today. As an appreciation for staying with us free voucher codes given at the end of this article to thank you.

10. Post-modern LED Chandelier with Light Mirror and K9 Crystal Metal (SKU 13229)

Post-modern LED Chandelier Light Mirror K9 Crystal Metal Luxurious Hotel Lobby

Crystals have been widely known for its healing ability and purifying negative forces. Our post-modern LED Chandelier promotes positive energy for the body, mind and soul. Awe by its color and beauty, this light had been widely sought according to our sales record. The unique selling point for this lighting is having not one but two type of crystals. The contrast and refraction of radiant lights is a magnificent sight.

Product benefits

  • Grand and luxurious
  • Stunning reflection from the crystals
  • Nominated as the most beautiful chandelier

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9. Rockefeller Desk Lamp (SKU 41084)

Rockefeller Desk Lamp, Fabric E27 LED Table Lamp for Contemporary and Traditional

The old America table lamp is widely used as a movie props in Hollywood movies. This leaves a deep impression in the mind of the movie goer. Simple and elegant piece of furniture that is easy to maintain is why we love this lamp. Definitely, you will not be disappointed with your purchase. For collectors who love traditional classic furniture, please keep this light in your favourite list.

Product benefits

  • Contemporary natural design
  • Simple and elegant
  • Paint over wood

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8. Firefly jar, Outdoor Solar Light (SKU 26028)

Firefly jar, Waterproof LED Outdoor Solar Light for outdoor decoration

Looking for a outdoor light that totally required no maintenance? The design is a reminiscence for some people who used to keep their prized firefly in a jar as torch in the night. This light doubled as an outdoor decoration and festival ambience light. No electricity is required to charged up this solar light that glows all night when you have plenty of sunlight.

Product benefits

  • No wiring 
  • Solar powered 
  • Waterproof (IP65) 

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7. Burj Khalifa Light, Floor Lamp with shelf (SKU 41752)

Burj Khalifa Light, E27 LED Floor Lamp with shelf for Minimalist and Art Deco

This is our best floor lamp equipped with a marble table. It fully displayed the characteristic of a minimalist interior design concept. A simple metal frame emphasising on the functionality and setting that could compliment most furniture design is endangered but not extinct. According to customers, the side table is an important addon as a coffee table for their afternoon tea.

Product benefits

  • Sleek furniture 
  • Bulb is easy to change 
  • Elegant with style

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6. Tower Shield, Waterproof Wall light (SKU 56037)

Tower Shield, IP65 Aluminium E27 LED Wall light for Outdoor, Balcony and Garden

Quality outdoor light with waterproof function tend to burnt a hole in your pocket. Our product manage to overcome  these issues with a simple yet  budget and easy to maintain model. Its so simple that changing of bulb will never become an issue. Waterproof wall light can be cheap and simple if you are not looking for design but function.

Product benefits

  • Low budget
  • IP65 certified
  • Low power consumption

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5. Taco Bell, Pendant Light (SKU 52020)

Taco Bell, Aluminium E27 LED Pendant light for Modern and Scandinavian

Simplicity is the key to happiness. This is so true especially when it has to do with home decorations. Forget about the complicated designs and sophisticate concepts. Go back to the basics and this is why minimalist interior design is so popular. Amazing to share, this aluminium bell is our best selling product back in 2020.

Product benefits

  • Best selling in 2020
  • Simple design for minimalism
  • Easy to maintain

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4. Oriental Express, Track Light (SKU 51069)

Oriental Express, Aluminium 360 degree LED Track Light for Contemporary and Industrial

Track light is a retro creation that is hugely popular because you could always move your lights along the track and change its direction without punching new holes in the ceiling to pull cables. If you are intending to transform your house into a theatre or gallery design. You should never forget to get his irresistible lighting for your home.

Product benefits

  • 360 degrees and mobile on the track
  • Retro concept with a modern look
  • Easily customise

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3. Metal Lantern, Pendant Light (SKU 42317)

Modern Pendant Lights LED Lamps Simple Metal Lantern Bar Cafe Restaurant Pendant Light

Among all the design on pendant lights, I would say this is a piece of art. It required a meticulous craftsman to stick each and every individual pieces of metal wire together to craft this ‘bird cage’. Art is an expression and lights reflect the personality of the owner. Most customers tend to underestimate the functional aspect of this light and to date only designers would order this lights from us.

Product benefits

  • Bold design
  • Modern styled
  • Dual effect

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2. Lava Lamp, Pendant Light (SKU 22012)

Lava Lamp, Electroplate E27 LED Pendant Light for Eclectic and Art Deco

Odd and eccentric, this popular series of pendant lights are shaped to be spherical distorted. This created a optical distortion for the light that is passing from within the lamp. This gives the viewer an impression of a glow similar to lava. Patient with a special design to provide an effect out of a sci-fi movie, this light has been our best seller of all time.

Product benefits

  • Futuristic design
  • One light with two impression (when you switch on and off)
  • Simple maintenance

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1. Crescent Lighting, Wall Lights (SKU 44007)

Crescent Lighting, Aluminum IP65 LED Wall Light for Outdoor, Garden and Balcony

This crescent shaped wall lights is another attraction for wall lights. Its elegant design is a form of visual art for high end customers who are particular about lighting. The design incorporate the engineering latest consideration for its customer giving the product the best protection for wind and rain, water vapor and mist.

Product benefits

  • Classy and elegant
  • IP65 certified
  • Best outdoor lighting in 2020

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