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Horizon Lights

9 Unique floor lamps as home decoration for your living room

Posted by Leon Lim on

Home decorations is a sophisticated topic, every furniture in the house is a part of the jigsaw puzzle. The magic moment only happen when you every piece is in place. For this reason the look and feel of every furniture crucial, these combinations could either bring you to the heaven or hell. 

Is floor lamp an essential furniture?

Different from most light, floor lamp is portable and bright. Every household should own at least ONE floor lamp. Unless you house is brightly illuminate at all corners, there will always some dark spots. Research have shown that poor lighting is a health hazard because it causes strain our eyes. 

Lighting is often referred to as the spirit of the house because it ambience and moderate your mood. According to Archdaily, the colour temperature is a subconscious hint to your body. For example to relax the mood, most restaurants use warm light because it represent the sunset and end of a days work. For more information on the 5 major floor light design you could refer to the information below.

Lighting shop near you? Horizon Lights is the source of floor lamp in Singapore

We are among the few lighting shops in Singapore to sell floor lamp. It gets better when we have a team to source for different design, styles and functions oversea. If you are looking for cheap lights, you can find them easily in the neighbourhood but if you are looking for design. Horizon Lights is your first choice as the best online lighting shop in Singapore.

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Best floor lamp shortlisted by Horizon Lights

Floor lamp on our showcase were shortlisted according to feedback from our customers and interior designers. Lets start our floor lamp de fiesta with drums rolling. Selected candidate are picked in consideration with design and functions. 

As a specialist selling lights, we would like to share our ten cent worth (of thoughts). Apart from this blog post, you could look into some of our post topics for eureka below.

9. Don Light, floor lamp with side table (SKU 71020)

Don Light, floor lamp with side table (SKU 71020)

This floor lamp doubled as a side table for your coffee cup to rest on a lazy afternoon. This sleek design is created with a multi-functional purpose for a modern household using space saving concept. Compared to most floor light, the base is made portable for customers who love to reposition the light around the house for various purpose.

Product benefits

  • Minimalist design
  • Comes with a coffee table
  • Easy to maintain

Link me over to view this product >

8. Love Birds, lovers floor lamp (SKU 41322)

Love Birds, lovers floor lamp (SKU 41322)

Love is in the air and on the branches of the floor light. The love birds on the branches represent an undying eternal love. We have to admit that it takes remarkable workmanship to craft the life like birds made in copper. Different from most metal, copper gives an dull reflection resemble aged metal. This is the reason why it is popular in high end household.

Product benefits

  • Modern Victoria
  • Elegant classic design
  • Made in copper

Link me over to view this product >

7. Tsuri Chochin, bamboo floor lamp (SKU 41744)

suri Chochin, bamboo floor lamp (SKU 41744)

The element of nature is the spirit of this floor lamp. The design upgrade the traditional floor lamp to a new level using ingredients from the nature to encaged with bamboo lampshade. The base is bade of natural marble with fissure to reflect the authenticity. The taste of old eastern Asia is the concept behind the making.

Product benefits

  • Classic Asian
  • Ambience controlled
  • Bamboo theme

Link me over to view this product >

6. Vienna White, lucky floor lamp (SKU 41286)

Vienna White, lucky floor lamp (SKU 41286)

Vienna white is a rare species of a rabbit fully clothe in white bringing good luck. According to stories, this is the most sought after pet by nobles, kings and gods. Equipped with a with rotatable head, lamp owner could freely navigate the directional light in their home. If you love the classic European design, keep this floor light in your favourite.

Product benefits

  • European vintage
  • Rotatable lamp shade
  • Lucky charm

Link me over to view this product >

5. Sophora Tree, crystal floor lamp (SKU 11124)

Sophora Tree, crystal floor lamp (SKU 11124)

Saphora tree is widely seen in Asia as a landscaping tree with a reputation with inmate medicinal purpose. Compared to conventional floor lamp, the architecture is sophisticated and extravagant. How often would you get to see a tree made of crystal? If you want a floor lamp to be appealing, you should drop this into your shopping cart.

Product benefits

  • Non-traditional design
  • Decorated with K9 Crystal
  • Radiant and well-lit

Link me over to view this product >

4. Eternal Flame, brilliant floor lamp (SKU 11010)

Eternal Flame Lamp, bright floor lamp (SKU 11010)

According to the maker, his intended design is to mimic the structure of the water tower giving an abundance of light. Nickname as the tower of light, this floor lamp shined an omni directional warm beam in the house. If anybody noticed the unique bulb encased within, it will not be a surprise to know that this is our best seller.

Product benefits

  • Post Modern Floor Lamp
  • Best selling
  • Comes with table lamp version

Link me over to view this product >

3. Sterling Silver, extendable floor lamp (SKU 41017)

Sterling Silver, extendable floor lamp (SKU 41017)

Sterling silver floor lamp is made with a space saving concept for a home in the clustered city. Built with a 3 extendable telescopic arc joint, this concept allows customers to customerise the length of extension required for use. Without a sophiscated design, this floor light is all about practicality and simplicity.

Product benefits

  • Modern Design
  • Extendable telescope body
  • Stylish and simple

Link me over to view this product >

2. Origami Bird Lamp, modern floor lamp (SKU 23031)

Origami Bird Lamp, modern floor lamp (SKU 23031)

Design is an innovation and full of surprises. This floor lamp is made with an acrylic covered bulb skilfully disguised as a bird. The designer took a new approach to remake traditional floor light into a functional art. If you are looking for modern and creativity to blend into your home design, this floor lamp is made for you.

Product benefits

  • Designer floor lamp
  • Origami art theme
  • Most innovative light

Link me over to view this product >

1. Minimalism Crane, minimalist floor lamp(SKU 41318)

Minimalism Crane, (SKU 41318)

This floor light claim to be the shadow of a construction tower crane. This design takes full advantage of LED lighting in its long arm to shine a diffused light into the surrounding. This resulting into a visible and yet comfortable soft light providing illumination. You can smell a scent of minimalist consideration in the design. 

Product benefits

  • Simple and elegant
  • Adjustable top
  • Good pricing

Link me over to view this product >


Floor light is a portable source of light in the house that provides you with extra visibility in a small focus proximity. According to research this additional lighting give a boost on productivity and concentration. As an aesthetics fixture, it creates an ambience giving additional warmth to the setting.

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