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Everything you need to know about LED lighting for home decoration

Posted by Horizon Lights on

LED lighting is an important fixture since most modern households consider lights as a part of home decoration. LED is the short form for light-emitting diode and they are used today mostly as a form of home lighting. Lighting as an aesthetic is decorated with various themes by interior designers to create an internal ambience for homes.

  1. Who is the inventor of LED?
  2. What is the advantage of using LED lighting?
  3. How do color temperatures (Kelvin) affect our mood?
  4. How do you define the role of lamps in home lighting?
  5. What are the names of different LED lighting found in a home?

Who is the inventor of LED?

Known as the father of LED, Nick Holonyak Jr found this invention in his research laboratory in 1962. As an engineer working in General Electric, he predicted that this invention will eventually replace the incandescent light bulb when technology improves the quality and efficiency. It is a total pity that he did not get a chance to witness his prediction 40 years later. With reference from Mordor Intelligence, you can see that LED has penetrated 61% of the lighting market.

Source: mordorintelligence

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What is the advantage of using LED lighting?

With the invention of LED lighting, incandescent lamps started to disappear from home, office and industry. In comparison, they are slightly more energy efficient with longer lifespan. This makes LED an excellent choice in the long run. Looking into the maintenance, LED does not require warm up and frequent switching does not impact its lifespan. The chart below gives you a simple overall summary on LED.

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How do color temperatures (Kelvin) affect our mood?

Did you ever ponder the intriguing correlation between the temperature of lighting and its subtle impact on our subconscious minds? Take a moment to reflect upon the peculiar rhythm of our daily routines: rising with the sun for work and returning home as twilight descends. Research Gate suggests that lighting holds the potential to influence our mood and ignite a symphony of emotions within us.

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How do you define the role of lamps in home lighting?

In recent years, home lighting has gained significant importance, driven by the evolving concepts of interior design. Advancements in technology have made lights more affordable and brighter. This, in turn, has granted designers greater freedom to infuse beauty and style into their creations. To provide a comprehensive overview, let's categorize lighting into three main types: main lighting, task lighting, and ambiant lighting.

  • Main lighting is easily noticeable, typically positioned in the center of a room and boasting the largest size. Its primary function is to illuminate the space, and it is strategically positioned to provide maximum brightness to the surroundings.
  • Task lighting or role-specific lighting serve as supplementary lighting. They often complement the main lighting by shining light on specific areas. For example, table lamps are switched on only when reading or working. Their functionality defines them, and you have the option to choose whether to utilize them.
  • Ambiant lights represent a relatively new and popular concept. Unlike functional lighting, their purpose lies in creating a relaxing atmosphere, as the name suggests. In the fast-paced and stressful urban hustle, transforming a house into a home becomes an important objective.

Now, let's address a common challenge faced by customers: identifying the names of different LED lighting found in a home. Unless you're in the lighting industry, it's unsurprising to find that many are unfamiliar with the specific names of lights they intend to purchase. This issue becomes even more pronounced when you find yourself in a showroom, scratching your head while trying to seek recommendations from sales teams for new lights. Join Horizon Lights, the premier lighting house in Singapore, to learn about the various types of lights and their functions.

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What are the names of different LED lighting found in a home?

When it comes to purchasing lighting, it's quite common for the layman to be unfamiliar with the specific names of the lights they intend to buy. This lack of knowledge becomes even more apparent when you find yourself in a showroom, perplexed and in need of guidance from the sales team regarding a suitable light for your home. But fret not! Join us today, and let's delve into the fascinating world of lighting, exploring the diverse names and functions of various lights. Together, we'll enlighten you and ensure you make an informed decision.

1. Chandelier, the pride of your house

Originating from Europe in a time pre-dating the discovery of the light bulb, a magnificent tradition emerged. A grand, radiant lamp would grace the center of a building, casting its luminance upon the surroundings. This lamp, adorned with multiple branches delicately crowned with glowing candles, embodied elegance and splendor. It was known as the chandelier. Even today, this majestic lighting fixture, representing status and showcasing impeccable taste, can be found adorning living rooms in many homes. To truly appreciate the intricacies of chandelier design, we invite you to visit our lighting store, and check out a diverse array of chandelier varieties.

BIRCH Tree Branch Metallic Chandelier Light for Living Room & Dining - Modern Nordic Style (SKU 10075)

Embrace the allure of stunning chandeliers

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2. Pendant light, a bold statement for your home

Among all the lights in the house, pendant light uses a single light source suspending itself from the ceiling. Simple and yet reliable is the reason explaining the high adoption rate. You can find this lighting in any part of the house, inside any room, accommodating almost any interior design theme.

LUNA Resin Pendant Light for Living Room & Dining - Wabi Sabi Style (SKU 10237

Discover the world of remarkable pendant lights

One of the captivating aspects of pendant lights is their versatile display options. Typically showcased in a grouping of three, they can be suspended in a linear arrangement, gracefully hanging from a straight base. Or they can be arranged in a cascading fashion from a rounded base. This unique feature empowers homeowners, offering greater flexibility to personalize their lighting arrangement and complement your interior decor. Explore the endless possibilities of pendant lights and unlock a world of customizable illumination for your living space.

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3. Floor lamp: snuggle up with your favorite book

Floor lamps stand apart from conventional lighting options, as they are designed to claim their space within a home and craft a personal haven for the owner. Their essence lies in the personalized connection fostered by their close proximity and illuminating radius, akin to a devoted butler quietly and attentively attending to the needs of the master. With a floor lamp as your loyal companion, indulge in a realm of ambiant illumination and bask in its comforting presence. Experience the allure of an intimate sanctuary, curated just for you.

SANDRO Dimmable Aluminum LED Floor Lamp for Study, Living Room & Bedroom - Modern Style

Create your favorite nook with cozy floor lamps

At Horizon Lights, we take pride in offering the best in Singapore lighting. Light up your life with our dazzling array of home lighting and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. 

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